Chatbot learning for Aviation

Welcome to AErodummies

Hello! Welcome to Aerodummies! Here you can revise and reform your lessons interactively with our chatbots.  Aerodummies was made with the hopes that we could making your learning much more interactive and efficient.  We hope it brings you a positive experience and wish you al the best for your endeavors.

-Team Aerodummies


1. Click on your respective school and sign up.

2. Press the courses button on the menu and selective your rightful course.

3. To the left side of your screen will be your reference materials and to your right will be the chatbot.. If you'd like to have a thorough revising session before getting into the chatbot click the 'Reading Materials" button to have an indepth overview.

4. Once you're ready click the chatbot icon and you're ready to go!


Yes but your progress won’t start from where you left off on the other tab.

Click on your respective school and press ‘Forgot Password”.¬†